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Merano Wine Festival 2022

On November 4th and 5th we are waiting for you at the Merano Wine Festival, the most exclusive food and wine event in Europe!

Becoming part of the Merano Wine Festival family means passing a careful selection carried out by 12 tasting commissions.

These commissions, formed and managed by Helmuth Koecher, The WineHunter and patron of one of the most recognized events in the food and wine sector, work throughout the year to select those products which, due to their technical characteristics, emotion and particularity, represent excellence in the food and wine sector national and international.

This is the spirit with which the companies that will then have access, according to certain criteria, to the Merano kermesse are identified. A unique and exciting meeting opportunity, where the focus is not only on tasting the products, but also on deepening the most discussed and important issues for the wine and food sector.

We are proud to announce that we have passed this year’s selections with our 2 wines Riserva Vigna Battaia San Colombano and Rosso La Berton obtaining The WineHunter Award 2022.

The WineHunter Award RED, GOLD and PLATINUM is the quality mark that The WineHunter tasting commissions assign every year to food and wine excellence. The award is a reference of the superior quality of the product for the buyer and the consumer.

Only producers who have obtained two or more WineHunter Awards have the opportunity to take part in the various events, including the Merano WineFestival and other WineHunter events in Italy and abroad.

We are waiting for you from 4th to 5th November in Merano!

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