Superfine Carnaroli Rice

Superfine Carnaroli Rice

The Carnaroli Rice is the superfine rice that occupies the highest quality levels of Italian production.

The Carnaroli Superfine Rice is distinguished by a very large grain and a high percentage of amylose.

The amylose is the starch of rice that while cooking becomes essential to ensure the right balance between the consistency of the grain and its ability to absorb the sauce.

Risaie Azienda Agricola Guglielmini


The Carnaroli Superfine Rice produced by the Azienda Agricola Guglielmini is the ideal rice for many recipes based on rice, especially for risotto (risotto alla Milanese, risotto al vino rosso, risotto alla zucca, arancini di riso, timballi di riso, etc.) and rice salads.